Bank loan: what it is and who can apply for it.

The Astro Finance loan is one of the most convenient solutions for Italians who are looking for an influx of liquidity, especially due to a series of facilitated conditions, for a multitude of proposals available depending on the real needs of the applicant and reliability. of this Italian credit institution. The aim of this article is therefore to report some of the best known options regarding the Astro Finance loan.

Who can apply for a Astro Finance loan?

Who can apply for a Astro Finance loan?

The requirements for a loan from the credit institution owned by the Lite Bank are as follows:

  • be aged between 18 and 75;
  • be resident in Italy;
  • being an employee in public, parastatal, private, retired or even self-employed companies: a conditio sine qua non is that of having a demonstrable income by means of a paycheck, a pension slip or a tax return;
  • the maximum eligible amount is 60,000 USD. If you want to calculate the monthly installments to access a loan with Astro Finance, you can use the appropriate online tool on the homepage of the website. There you will be able to know, based on the amount you need and the project you intend to finance, what is the solution most in line with your needs.

Personal loan

Personal loan

It is without a shadow of a doubt among the most frequent choices at national level, because it allows families and individuals to buy a car, a motorcycle, a caper, to carry out renovations of the house, to buy a small property or even appliances or furnishings or if you intend to buy a pc, take a trip or take care of yourself (leisure category).

For example, if you want to furnish your home and request a loan for an amount of 20,000 USD, when you choose the 60-month repayment plan, you will find yourself a TAN of 7.70%, an APR of 7, 98% and monthly installments of the value of 402.70 USD.

Employee loans

Employee loans

Astro Finance allows you to apply for a loan in the form of a Transfer of Fifth, if you are an employee or if you are retired. The advantages? The amount will always correspond to 1/5, or 20%, of your net monthly salary or your net pension. Everything will happen automatically, because the payment of the installment amount to the lender, Astro Finance precisely, will be managed in person by the employer or by the pension institution.

The advantages? Countless, given that there are not the slightest traces of investigative commissions, case management and brokerage. The same applies to periodic communications and to the substitute stamp duty.

An example of a loan in the form of a Transfer of the Fifth by Astro Finance will be very useful to you, to understand if the commercial proposal can be interesting for you.

In response to the request for financing for an amount corresponding to 16,000 USD, repayable in 120 months, the fixed TAN and the fixed APR will be 5.80% and 5.95% respectively. The monthly installments will correspond to 176 USD for a total amount equal to 21,120 USD.

Home mortgages

Home mortgages

If you intend to buy your first home, the conditions of access to a Astro Finance mortgage are particularly facilitated. Among the most interesting options, Careful and Variable Mortgage deserve attention.

In particular:

  • Care free Mortgage is a loan for the purchase of a home, characterized by a constant installment and a fixed rate. The high safety threshold and the need to constantly pay the same amount for the entire financing plan, only the cornerstone of this commercial proposal. You choose the installment and the times yourself. Clearly, rates remain unchanged, regardless of the market trend.
  • Variable Rate is a loan for the purchase of a home, where the monthly installments of the depreciation plan are made up of a share of capital, established at the time when the deed of execution is made, and a share of interest which it varies in relation to the specific parameter taken as reference.

This commercial proposal is aimed at those who wish to benefit from the possible favorable market trend, provided that they are however able to take on any further expenses in the face of a sudden rise in them.

Then there is an option that Astro Finance offers to applicants for a loan for a mortgage: Trasformamutuo. What is it about? Simply by a surrogate, aimed at giving you the opportunity to transfer your mortgage at no additional cost and without additional costs. Transferring the original mortgage for the remaining amount to be paid, with Astro Finance it is possible without notary fees and without preliminary costs. As far as the appraisal is concerned, the operation is mandatory, but the costs are borne by the incoming bank.

Attention to the environment

Attention to the environment

Among the most innovative Astro Finance loan proposals, Cream bank certainly deserves a special mention. For this personal loan proposal, the slogan coined by the credit group is the loan that makes ECO.

The reason? This is a solution aimed at companies wishing to promote renewable energy, the efficiency of energy consumption at home, in order to respect the environment, but also to individuals who intend to buy electric vehicles.

The advantages? All you need is a digital signature to obtain it, you can modify or skip the payment of an installment at no additional cost, you don’t run into any additional costs, the transfer of the value of 1,000 to 60,000 USD is debited quickly to your bank account.

With Astro Finance allows you to take advantage of a whole series of tax breaks when you buy solar panels or if you decide to carry out interventions aimed at an energy requalification or a building renovation, in accordance with the provisions of article 16 bis of the decree of the President of the Republic 917/1986.

For individuals who want to buy electric vehicles, such as electric or hybrid cars, scooters or bicycles, new or used, the conditions for access to financing are really excellent.

Numbers in hand, if you request a loan worth $ 14,000, you can repay it over a period of 96 months, with installments of $ 182.60. This means that against a fixed APR of 5.95% and a TAN of 5.79%, the total amount due will correspond to 17,529.60 USD.


The Astro Finance loan is one of the most popular solutions for Italians who intend to buy goods and services with comfortable monthly installments or who want to start a new business or who want to access a first home loan. On the other hand, the credit group in question has proved over the years a very reliable partner for all those customers who have been able to improve the quality of their lives through responsible credit accessible to all. And among loans, financing, savings, insurance and credit products with Astro Finance you are spoiled for choice.

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