Bank loan: How to apply for it and the various options available.

“If you have a project to carry out a Good Finance loan!”. The claim of the advertising spot faithfully reflects reality. 

How to apply for a Good Finance loan

How to apply for a Compass loan

Among the advantages of Good Finance, one that is anything but secondary is the personal relationship that you can build with officials. Once you have chosen the loan that’s right for you, you have the opportunity to request an appointment at one of the one hundred and eighty Good Finance offices; scattered throughout the national territory.

To find the online Good Finance Loan that best suits your wishes, just a few steps are enough. Just connect to the Good Finance site – you can do it from any device – and fill in the few spaces required.

Two documents and general information are enough, in addition to the data that the same form requires. The system will automatically generate the offer that best suits your situation, from a minimum of 5,000 USD to a maximum of 30,000 USD and from 24 to 84 months.

Personal loan Good Finance: all options

Personal loan Compass: all options

Personal Loan, Transfer of the Fifth, Finalized Loan. There are many alternatives to meet everyone’s needs. Let’s see them one by one.

The Personal Loan, called Easy Classic, is a downhill road, because with the online appointment you will only need one day to request it. It is the most practiced way to obtain liquidity, since you can ask for a sum of up to 30,000 USD, also choosing – this is the main peculiarity – the most advantageous combination between installments and duration.

In practice, you can choose between different methods of this type of financing, in fact customizing it. To the Easy Classic (installment unchanged for the entire repayment period) you can combine the option, with which you can skip the installment up to 5 times during the repayment and postpone the payment at the end of the mandate, or the option, which allows instead of reducing the installment up to 5 times during the repayment and extending its duration.

If you turn on the Flex, on the other hand, you will have both the “Skip Payment” and the “Change Installment” option, with the addition of the free early repayment of the loan.

Personal Loan Round Digit

The Cream bank Personal Loan allows you to choose the round amount (all inclusive) to be repaid monthly. You will choose the installment, keeping in mind your possibilities, and this will remain unchanged for the duration of the loan.

The amount payable by the Personal Loan is up to 20,000 USD, and you can take advantage of professional advice and enjoy customized solutions.

Employee loans

Employee loans

Astro Finance is a financing for you, if you are part of the target audience: public workers and
individuals and retirees. The conditions are really advantageous. First of all, the loan is guaranteed by salary (or pension, in the case of pensioners) and no guarantor is required.

The installment of the loan itself does not go beyond 20% (one fifth, in fact) of the monthly net. The repayment can be paid in installments up to 10 years and takes place directly through withdrawals from the paycheck or from the pension slip. There are no brokerage fees while it is possible to request an advance.

Transfer of the Fifth for retirees

If you are retired, you can request the Transfer of Fifth if you meet two requirements: not having reached 85 years of age and being a pensioner whose amount exceeds 501.89 USD net of the transferable portion.

You can ask for a sum ranging from small entities up to 75,000 USD, the installments however remain unchanged for the duration of the loan. 

You can make a request even over 70 years (as mentioned, up to 85), and this will be evaluated even if there is other funding or financial problems. There is no brokerage fee or need for a guarantor, and the extension can go up to 10 years.

Transfer of the Fifth for public and private workers

If, on the other hand, your condition is that of a public or private worker, the Transfer of the Fifth of the salary allows you to always know in advance the amount to be paid, since – as in the case just seen regarding pensioners – the installments remain unchanged for the entire term of the loan and never exceed 20% of the salary.

Your employer will pay them, through a direct debit payment. The Transfer of the Fifth of the Salary allows you to meet even some significant expenses: it is in fact possible to request up to over 75,000 USD.

Whether you are public or private employees, Loan Good Finance also offers you the possibility to request a larger amount through a Payment Delegation.

This is a proposal with which you can dedicate up to 40% of your salary to the projects you consider most important, while at the same time keeping intact the advantages deriving from the Transfer of the Fifth.

The criteria for making a request for assignment of the fifth are different: you must be aged between 18 and 63, be resident in Italy and hired for an indefinite period. For private sector employees, the insurability of the company is added.

Finalized loan

Finalized loan

If you have thought about it, know that there are many customers who rely on the Loan for their installments every day, in the shop in the historic center or in the ultramodern shopping galleries.

The Finalized Loan is the third of the options designed by Good Finance to help users make their wishes come true. With this type of loan, the products that can be purchased are infinite, but there are also many services, such as medical treatments or insurance policies.

It is in fact a loan that rests on a basis of over 35,000 affiliated businesses, divided among the most diverse ranges of product sectors. Furthermore, Good Finance manages to take care of everything by offering an exclusive relationship both to its customers and to its commercial partners thanks to its experience gained over years of activity.

The Finalized Loan was created precisely for your specific needs: from the car to the computer, from the smartphone to a trip. The realization of each of these desires (or projects) is possible through the flexibility of solutions that Good Finance offers to its customers through this type of financing.

Whether it’s a car, a trip, a smartphone or a computer, consultants will know how to find the best possible way to fulfill your dreams without weighing on your wallet.

If you have thought about buying a motorbike, for example, you will be presented with a double path that you can follow: a finalized loan or a loan. Two methods that differ only in the amounts.

The loan, in fact, is payable up to a maximum of 30,000 USD, while the first formula depends on the cost of the two-wheeler: it is instructed in a dealership, where the process starts.

The amount payable will be equal to the difference between the advance paid and the cost of the motorcycle. In both cases, the sum is however repayable in installments in a time that depends on the amount of the sum itself and on the creditworthiness of the customer.

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